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Valkyrie .01 (Set)

Meet The Valkyrie .01, our inaugural pickleball paddle set built for performance and made with style in equal measure. The large sweet spot and rough texture allow for precision topspin, excellent touch and feel for superior gameplay.

PowerTouch Polymer Honeycomb Core: Vibration absorbing PowerTouch core structure configured to provide you with a large sweet spot and enhanced shot consistency.

ProSpin Control Surface: Rough textured surface enhances the friction between the paddle and the ball providing you maximum spin and touch.

Hex-Skal Grip: Incomparable comfort with elevated sweat-wicking technology giving you the ultimate performance grip.

USA Pickleball (USAPA) Approved | Designed & Tested in Park City, Utah

Paddle Specifications

Skill Level:Beginnner to Pro


Width: 7.5"

Thickness: 0.6"

Grip Length:4.5"

Midweight: 7.8 oz

How You'll Play

The Valkyrie delivers surefire confidence and assurance in your ability to execute consistent returns whether you're driving the ball down middle-court or hitting a 3rd drop in the kitchen. When you play with the Valkyrie, you play with tangible exactness.

Valkyrie is the perfect synthesis of three unique accords; performance, presence, and gratifying gameplay each rendering any player invincible.

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